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My mom introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils when she started using SniffleEase on my kids. There is not much you can do for very little ones when they have runny or stuffy noses or are all congested. SniffleEase worked and was not full of harmful chemicals. She then started mixing up oils for muscle pain that my husband and I would use in the gym. I was intrigued. I decided to dip my toe in and order the starter kit. I was quickly hooked. I keep oils mixed up for all kinds of ailments. My kids have become Oily Kids. Anytime they do not feel well, have a boo boo or are just feeling cranky, they ask for oils. My 2 year old then says, “I all better”. We have used oils in our family to help with sniffles, bruises, scrapes, sleeping problems, cranky problems (the kids and adults) and I’ve even used them to help with “that time of month”. If you are interested in finding some alternatives to helping you and your family, I can assist with that. There are also opportunities to earn a little extra cash while sharing something you love with others.

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