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on June 16, 2016

I hear often from my fellow lady oilers that their men are slow to embrace their love of oils.  What?  I’m not trying to make any generalizations, okay I am, but men are  usually a little slower to come around to change than us ladies, so I get it.

Hey Fellas!  You are missing out!

We do have a few of the Y-chromosome variety that are all-oily-all-the-time, but still your numbers pale in comparison to the sea of female oilers.  You’ve got some oily-secrets up your sleeves, but now we must let the cat out of the bag and share with your fellow-hombre.


Dudes, you’ve got to know.  We love you too much to not break it down for you.  You might think of essential oils as girly, but my-oh-my, they are about to become your new best bud.  Who knew these little bottles of smelly things could not only keep you in tip-top shape, but provide a whole new toolbox for all things MAN.  Hang with me for a bit, you’ll see …

Oily Muscle Dude

Do you love lifting weights or hitting the heavy bag? Maybe your job requires a lot of physical labor. Perhaps you are a fan of running or cycling or can slay a headstand at your local yoga class.

Whatever the fitness level, there isn’t a muscle in the body that can’t benefit from some oily TLC.

And don’t forget it’s not just muscles that can benefit from these powerful tools. We must remember to lube up those creaky joints too! Your bones, cartilage and tendons will thank you!


Oily Shaven Dude

Razor burn? Oh heck no!

Staying all freshly shaven (say that 3 times real fast) can be a chore! Am I right fellas? Well listen here, this Shutran Shave Cream will have you clamoring for your razor every morning. Of COURSE it smells divine, but it will leave your face so soft you will have to fend off the ladies.

Speaking of ladies, Shutran Shave Cream isn’t just for men. I steal my husband’s so often he begged me to order my own. Smooth and silky legs … yes, please!


Oily Handsome Dude

Looking to keep those man-locks nice and full? This combo is incredible.

Maybe those head-full-of-hair days are long gone and your beautiful bald head needs some love. These work for that too.


It’s true, we all need our beauty sleep, men included. A big part of hanging on to our youth and vitality is getting adequate shut-eye. And turning off the day and drifting off to a peaceful slumber is that much easier with the help of essential oils.

Tranquil is one of my all time favorite blends but there are so many others that help with a peaceful nights rest.  You might try your luck with some other sleepy time favorites like Frankincense, Cedarwood, Valor or Lavender to name a few.


Oily Sexy Dude

Life is busy, and hectic and stressful. And often so exhausting that making magic happen in the bedroom can sadly fall off our priority list.

Let essential oils help you bring your sexy back! (Same goes for you ladies.)

Did you know that there are surprising health benefits of sex including improved immune function, deeper sleep and reduced stress levels? Talk about a win/win!


Oily Handy Dude

Are you a fix-it man? Or do you love a man that is always into some sort of “project?”

Well, well handy friends, open up that toolbox and chuck in some lemon essential oil because this little bottle of wonder is a must-have for every “I’ll fix that” guy.


Oily Foodie Dude

Are you a meat & potatoes kind of guy? Perhaps a day babysitting the smoker is more your style. Maybe you are fond of exploring the beautiful cultures expressed in Indian, Japanese or Spanish foods?

Whatever the palate, when you choose to supplement your digestive system with the tools it needs, you make every dining experience that much better! You can focus on the flavors and rest assured you are supporting healthy digestion, which is an integral component in the health of your overall immune system.


Oily Kissing Dude

We all know that boys try their best to avoid brushing their teeth until around puberty. But hopefully those-boys-turned-men have taken up some healthy oral care habits.

The Thieves Oral Care line brings a fresh mouth to a whole new level. Not only are they jammed packed with powerful essential oils, but will keep that manly smile sparkling without any harsh, toxic ingredients.


Oily Cool Dude

Has the heat of summer smacked some of you hard? Summer is the time for fun in the sun but it also comes with a multitude of outdoor household chores in the blazing sun.

Peppermint essential oil to the rescue. The fragrance of peppermint is uplifting and invigorating but did you know that when applied to the skin, it has a cooling effect?

Just a couple of drops to the nape of the neck or across the forehead and get ready to CHILL-ax.

8_OILY COOL GUYOily Chilled Dude

Not as in cold.  But in cool, calm and collected.

Work got you down? Boss driving you crazy?  Kids making you want to pull your hair out?  Financial woes? Caring for a sick loved one?

Many men feel like they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, right? But the #1 toxin in our lives is STRESS. So honey, we’ve got to take care of ourselves!

The fragrant influence of many of our essential oils are calming, sedating and relaxing. And in less than a second they can promote both a psychological and physiological effect on your mind and body, releasing the tension from the day (or the last hour!)

Get your sniff on.


Oily Toe-d Dude

Men! Do you have funky toenails? Ewe. Take care of them. Oils make it easy!!!

That is all.


Oily Bearded Dude

Fan of facial hair? Want to keep it looking good and feeling soft? <<<< Yes! Yes you do!

Presenting Big Daddy Beard Oil.

And guess what? Given your beard is right under your nose, you will be smelling how good it smells all day long!


Oily Funky Feet Dude

So we already talked about funky toenails – – but perhaps your feet are funky all the way around? It happens. To the bests of yas.

We don’t want to throw out your shoes and smelly socks. We love you despite your funk. But p-l-e-a-s-e do your oily-sistas-wives-friends-moms a favor and make some DIY (that’s Do-It-Yourself for you non-Pinterest guys) foot powder.


Oily Dirty Dude

Do wrenches and auto parts light your fire? Are you a mechanic-gone-wild? Hands a greasy mess? We already threw some lemon essential oil in your toolbox a few posts back so go grab it, along with a few things from your pantry, and use it to clean all that grime out from under your fingernails.


Oily Hunter Dude

Do you love the wilderness while packing a rifle? While we’re sure you are decked out from head to toe in hunter’s camouflage, how well does your natural scent blend in with the outdoors?


And there you have it gents.  As you can see, essential oils aren’t just about smelling delish.  There are so many practical applications for your everyday life, it’s a wonder you’ve made it this long without them!  And still,  this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Once you start utilizing essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements as part of your health and wellness regimen, you’ll truly be blown away by the results.

Oil on men.  You deserve it.

xoxo ~Amie

Ready to get started with essential oils?  Getcha some here.

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