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on May 30, 2016

Have you ever thought about trying something new but then talked yourself out of it? Perhaps you don’t think you have enough time? Maybe you think you will fail? Or it could be that stepping outside of that comfort zone is simply just too uncomfortable?

We know our essential oils give us the opportunity to improve our health and happiness, but did you know they also give us the opportunity to live abundantly? To obtain financial freedom? And to make a huge impact in the lives of others along the way?

But I’m not a salesperson … I’m just not sales-y.

Yeah, me either. I’ve certainly said this a time or two and I’ve yet to meet a successful Young Living leader who got into oils for the business opportunity. Most everyone is drawn to essential oils because they are looking for a better lifestyle. The commonality is that we reject suffering as the status quo and have taken the initiative to seek out alternatives to improve our health and happiness.

Along the way, many oily-users just can’t help but talk about their newfound oily love affair.  We just feel so dang good, and so grateful to have discovered these tools ourselves, that it only seems right to spread the news to not only the people we love, but to every Tom, Dick or Mary whose paths we cross.  We want people to feel empowered, as we have, to know alternatives exist that can help.  Help with so very many things!  Who doesn’t need a bit of extra help these days?  Sharing is caring, right?

Do You Love Oils

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

The only prerequisites required to be successful in growing a Young Living business are a genuine love of essential oils, a desire to help others and a fire to dream big and know those dreams will come true.

After you read on down, click over to our BOOM! page for more detailed information on the financial opportunity that awaits you. It will knock your socks off. But first, we have a special announcement you’ve just gotta hear!

Every successful journey needs a proper road map.

And that’s just what we have in store for you. Both Maureen and I have reached a certain level of success in our businesses with Young Living. Sometimes we’ve done things right and other times we’ve fumbled terribly. And truth be told, we still have a lot to learn and some big goals to achieve. But our tenure has indeed brought some wisdom that we are thrilled to share with you! And we know, that together, we can make all of our dreams come true.

And so we give you Oily Crunchy People BOOM! Boot Camp. This video explains the highlights and we will provide more detailed information on where to sign up later in the week.

[youtube id=”sJrbwS-2wnM”]


Talk yourself into this free training. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why you won’t succeed or why you can’t – – think about why you canWhy you will.  And what your life will look like with financial freedom. Think about what you can do. Who you can help. The difference you can make in other peoples’ lives and your own. The imprint your contribution will leave on society.

Wellness. Purpose. Abundance.  Three very well chosen words by Young Living that couldn’t fit together more beautifully.


Mark your calendars. Boot camp begins Monday June 6th. Be there and be awesome.

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    1. Hello Larryett! I added you to our Oily Crunchy People BOOM! group and tagged you in the first couple of threads that have kicked off our boot camp. Look forward to “seeing” you there!

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