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on July 13, 2016

Before we get started here I think it important to mention my perspective when speaking about the dreaded pimple. I’m a woman knocking on 40’s door. Given my age, this piece isn’t really about the skin issues facing the pubescent, though many of topics we’ll cover are still applicable. What I want to talk about is WHY IN THE WORLD do we adults still get breakouts?


Full disclosure.

My skin has never been in too terrible of shape in the scheme of things. Even as a teen I realized I had it pretty good. I empathized with my peers with full-face breakouts. I would get some whoppers on occasion, but in the context of what some of my friends faced, I counted my blessings.

This continued into my twenties and most of my thirties. Every month, I could probably count on one hand the number of pimples that sprang into action. Not so bad I guess, but nobody wants a giant volcano erupting on your face one, three or five times a month. Especially when they are cystic and gross and un-concealable by even the best globbed on concealer.

Something changed.

Just so ya know … this blog was inspired by one heck of a mini-mountain that emerged from my chin last week. And around that main mountain, were several smaller yet still significant little “islands”.  A pimple palooza if you will. What was noteworthy about the party happening on my face is that I realized it had been a VERY long time since I’d needed to pull out that dang concealer.

So long in fact, that my concealer was a clumpy mess.

Guess who else experienced some sudden eruptions? My sweet husband. I can’t remember the last time I saw a blemish on his face, much less three pop-worthy white heads all in two days time.

We were under attack!

Once I realized we were both dealing with complexion chaos, it didn’t take long before I realized this was no coincidence. Every symptom has a root cause, so after a little deduction, it was clear that our breakouts had everything to do with STRESS.

We’ve been under a little more than usual lately and apparently our bodies decided to detox through our dang faces!

How do I know it was stress?

Well, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve really dealt with breakouts. It’s not like it never happens but it has become such a rare occurrence I’m a little stunned when one makes its debut.

Here’s the deal, we’ve spent the last several years figuring out how to better care for our bodies. What goes in and on our bodies is reflected on the outside, both in good and bad ways. Our skin is a powerful looking glass into our overall health.

My skin is happiest when I’m taking good care of myself. And looking back, that concealer fell out of the makeup shopping routine many years ago because I was able to achieve balance in my body on a lot of levels. Stress is the only X-factor. And my face just gave me a giant red flag that I need to do a better job of managing it.

So I pulled out my Frankincense, Stress Away and Release. I breathed deeply and applied over my liver. I added CortiStop to my supplements for the next week. I took some time to sit in gratitude, speak positive affirmations and get in a little yoga. And I prayed. All of this works, people. Like magic. We just have to remember the practice.


Stress managed.  Check!  What else?

While every person is unique, there are some commonalities as to what can help balance the integumentary system. Yep, that’s right! The skin is the largest organ in this body system with a fancy name and like all other organs, what we do in one organ system affects all of the others. Here’s a peek inside what has helped me over the years.

Hello hormones.

For me personally, my hormones, or rather my wacka-doo hormones, seemed very connected to what was transpiring on my face. I had a lot of other reasons to work on bringing my hormones, and my entire endocrine system into balance too. And once I became consistent with a routine of oils and supplements, I was shocked at not only how much my complexion improved but also how much less affected I was by my menstrual cycle and I was suddenly enjoying increased energy. I’m still religious about my daily application of Shutran, Progessence Plus and EndoFlex. These essential oil blends have been game changers but I also relied heavily on supplements like Thyromin and EndoGize for a period of time too.

How’s the gut doing?

It’s no secret that diet plays a big role in the skin’s glow, or lack thereof. So eating clean is only sensible.   While my diet certainly isn’t perfect, we do strive to eat a whole food (aka, real food diet) with as many organics as possible. And we try to avoid processed and preservative laden food. (Unless someone dangles anything in the Cheeto family in front of my face and then I’m powerless.) But all in all, we do pretty darn good. We also supplement our need for essential nutrients that are hard to come by with diet alone with NingXia Red and MultiGreens.

Never to be underestimated, maintaining a good balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut is paramount, not only to the skin, but the entire immune system. Unfortunately we’ve got a serious problem with overuse and over-consumption of antibiotics in our country. Not only are doctors over prescribing them, food producers are using them prophylactically in the animals we consume, and our water supply is inundated by antibiotic-filled waste. We’ve collectively dug ourselves into a big whole which is why feeding your gut with a quality probiotic is so important. We love Life 5 to help build and restore intestinal health.

Bye-bye petrochemicals.

We have to take care of our skin from the inside out but what we put ON it matters too. From the popular drugstore brands to even some of the most expensive “skin care” lines found in the finest department stores, most conventional beauty products are laden with chemicals that simply aren’t good for the skin or body. Pore clogging petrochemicals, skin dehydrating alcohols and host of other toxins that contribute to the overall toxin burden, all gunking up the liver and impairing proper detox. Young Living has a multitude of toxin-free, yummy love-your-skin products. There are too many to name here but the ones that top my list are the Satin Mint Facial Scrub, Sheerlume and my one-true-love, frankincense essential oil.

Speaking of detox.

Water, water, water. All the time water. Purified, clean water. It does a body (and your skin) good. And it’s easy to amp up the taste and also cleansing power with any one of the citrus vitality oils. My favorites are grapefruit and lemon but honestly any of them will do!

If you truly want to love the skin your in, start by giving that vessel of yours some extra TLC.

xoxo ~ Amie

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