Say What?

Some people get a little freaked out when we say, “become a member” – but we promise you aren’t signing up for some secret underground society.  When you become a Wholesale Member you are simply enrolling to receive the 24% wholesale discount on all products you purchase moving forward.  The only MUST-DO is that you kick things off with a starter kit.  The other option is to become a Retail Customer which is fine and dandy (and doesn’t require a starter kit) but as a Retail Customer … you guessed it … you pay full retail price.  And well unless that money tree out back is in full bloom, it seems sensible to save your money and go with the benefits of wholesale membership.

The added bonus of joining Young Living as part of our Oily Crunchy People team is that you will become an Oily Crunchy Person too!  And that means special access to the extra oily love and support exclusive to Young Living members who are enrolled as part of the Oily Crunchy People team.

The Premium Starter Kits Make Oiling Simple.

Young Living produces hundreds of different therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil blends, along with an entire line of oil infused personal care products and nutritional supplements.  There is a lot to learn and many people get overwhelmed before they even get started.  But thankfully Young Living made it easy peasy for Oily Crunchy Newbies and put together a fantastic starter kit that contains 11 of the most popular, most versatile essential oils, an ultrasonic diffuser of choice, a roller ball attachment, oily samples and learn-more literature.  This my friends, is the Premium Starter Kit and by far what we recommend to everyone new to essential oils.

We know with our annual Costco membership fee, all we get is a boring plastic membership card.  For $160 with Young Living’s wholesale membership, you get ALL OF THE ABOVE, plus a 24% discount on everything you purchase moving forward.

The best way to get started with  Young Living is with one of their Premium Starter Kits that includes an robust oil collection.   And now, when you purchase an oily Premium Starter Kit, you get to choose which style of diffuser you prefer!  The DewDrop Diffuser and Home Diffuser are all pretty comparable in function, so all you have to do is choose the style that suits you.  If you are interested in the mack-daddy of diffusers, you also have the option of upgrading your Premium Starter Kit to include the GORGEOUS Aria diffuser.



And then some people are introduced to Young Living because they hear about the nutrient infusion super charged antioxidant drink, NingXia Red and other because of the Thieves Product Line.  Please note that these last two options do NOT come with the 10 everyday oils included in the first four options listed (and pictured above.)

Who doesn’t love options?  We certainly do but we realize this can all be a tad confusing, so here’s a visual to help you understand your options.  Unless you are dead set on the NingXia Kit or Thieves Kit, we really encourage you to select one of the kits (#1 – #4) that include 11 of the most popular and versatile essential oils.  In our humble opinion it is the BEST way to get started and an INCREDIBLE value.



Ready To Get Started?  You’re gonna love it.

First, enter your email address here and it will take you to Young Living’s website and their enrollment page.  You will see that it will populate my (Amie Wozniak, co-founder of OCP) member information and you will be on your way to a happier, healthier, oilier YOU.

THIS IS IMPORTANT.  If you have a friend who is an Oily Crunchy Person who sent you to this website, do them a favor and go to THEIR page on this website so that you can sign up under your amigo!  You can search for your friend via the search bar on our TEAM MEMBERS page.

NOW, If the universe sent you here via that fancy pants thing of an internet, WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU FOUND US and are privileged to help guide you on your oily crunchy journey.  Just enter your email below to get started. (P.S. Spam stresses us out over at OCP, so don’t worry … we don’t do that.)

4. Fill in your personal information.  It will ask you for your social security number but no need to fret.  This is for tax purposes only and if you never sign up another member, it will never be used.  If you wind up as crazy about these oils as we are, you might just end up telling your loved ones or pursuing the business side of Young Living which will result in a paycheck, so they gotta have the number.  Uncle Sam said so.  To be clear … Oily Crunchy People is a no-pressure zone.  Our main priority is empowering our members to transform the health and lives of themselves and their families.  However, if you are interested in making an income doing something you love, we can help with that too.  Learn more at our Oily Crunchy BOOM! page.

5. We recommend you start with the Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser for $160.  But know you can also choose the BAMBOO DIFFUSER OR ARIA DIFFUSER (at upgraded prices.)  The only difference in the kit is the model of diffuser.   99% of our members get started with one of these Premium Starter Kits.  They contains a broad selection of 11 of the most versatile oils and provides the perfect toolbox to get started.  It also comes with a must-have diffuser, sample packets, roller top and literature.  Please note there are two other starter kits (Basic for $40 and Basic Plus for $75) but neither of them contain the Everyday Oil Collection which we feel is essential for starting your oily journey.  So if you can’t swing the $160 now, we recommend you wait until you can as it really is the best way to get started.

6. We kinda wish this step wasn’t included in the initial enrollment because it can be confusing.  Essential Rewards is an amazing autoship program but there is no need to sign up for it now unless you are super gung-ho!  You can ask your sponsor for more info later.  For now select “No Thank You” and be on your merry way.

7. Click “I Agree” and “Next”

8. Confirm your enrollment.  You should see my name (Amie Wozniak) as the enroller and sponsor or the person who referred you (and whose numbers you entered.)

9. Here you can add any other oils or products you would like to try by clicking on “Continue Shopping.”  If you are all done, enter your payment info and Walaaa!  You are now a Young Living member and part of our Oily Crunchy People team.

Once you are a part of our team, we will reach out to you and help provide all the resources you need to get started using your fabulous new oils.  Can’t wait another second?  Go ahead and check out our HOW TO USE section that provide the basics.

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