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on May 12, 2016

First things first.  Welcome.  We are jumping for joy that you’re here!  You have joined the ranks of millions of naturally minded, toxin conscious people across the globe who have thoughtfully looked to nature for powerful tools to discover and maintain optimal health and happiness.  It’s a really fantastic place to be, and here at Oily Crunchy People, we want to make sure your transition into all-things-oily is as smooth as possible.

You can do it.

Diving into essential oils can feel overwhelming to some.  It’s a little like learning a new language and it certainly involves a bit of reprogramming as we learn to reach for our pure oily tools derived from nature instead of many of the toxin-filled conventional products we had become accustomed to before our oily enlightenment.  But there is no reason to feel overwhelmed!  Resources to guide you along the way are abundant.  And the payoff is huge.

Take Care Of Your Body

Let’s get organized.

Because you decided to invest in the health and happiness of yourself and your family by becoming a Young Living member, your life will undoubtedly change for the better!  It’s a whole new world and one for which every oiler is incredibly grateful to have found.  By now, hopefully you have your Premium Starter Kit and are ready to dive in.  To make things easy, we’ve created a 14-day series called “Now that I have my starter kit, what do I do with it?”  It is a quick and easy series that will help you understand how you can start incorporating oils into your everyday life today!  You can check out Day 1 here and the rest of the series is ready for you on our YouTube channel.

Yes, indeedy you can smell them but that’s not all folks!

There is SO MUCH MORE to using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.  And we never waste an opportunity to utilize our oils in all kinds of ways!

Topical Application

Because of their molecular structure, essential oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin and can enter the blood stream within 20 seconds. Topical application over the area in need (skin, organ, bone, ligament, etc.) is, of course, a great place to start, but utilizing VitaFlex points and/or the Raindrop Technique, are both highly effective as well. Massage, acupuncture, acupressure, warm compress, cold packs, baths and showers, are all fantastic opportunities to incorporate essential oils into your life.

Direct Inhalation

Fragrance is the substance of memories. An aroma inhaled causes the olfactory nerve to send messages to the limbic part of the brain that activates thought and memory. So in less than a second, a scent has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses.  You can simply smell the oil out of the bottle, or your pulse points after applied to the skin.  My favorite method is to apply a couple of drops to my palms, rub them together, cup my hands over my nose and take three deep cleansing breaths.  It’s the best. thing. ever.


Diffused oils alter the structure of the molecules that create odors, rather than just masking them.  They also increase oxygen availability and many are extremely effective for cleansing and purifying the air we breathe.  The fragrant influences of essential oils offer a vast variety of differing benefits, depending on the oil.  For example, some essential oils can increase alertness and mental clarity, while other can help ease occasional stress and and nervous feelings.  If you purchased a starter kit, you received a diffuser but you can check out all the diffusing options Young Living offers here.

Internal Usage

Many Young Living Essential Oils are certified as GRAS (or Generally Regarded As Safe) as food additives by the FDA – meaning you can ingest them internally.  Our personal experience with ingestion of Young Living Essential Oils has proven remarkable results. Young Living has made it easy to identify which oils are labeled for ingestion by giving them a Vitality brand.  While we love that these oils are now easy to spot, it has also caused a bit of confusion.  Rest assured that the oil in a regular bottle of Lemon essential oil is the exact same oil as a bottle of Lemon Vitality essential oil.  The same is true for the rest of them.

Lastly, let’s talk about retention.

Yeppers, you can put these therapeutic grade oils in your who-ha or your bo-bo or whatever your family calls the vagina and rectum respectively. The absorbability using these modalities is 100% and highly effective. No need to be shy.

Educate yourself.  Learning is fun!

We know we’ve mentioned these oils are powerful a time or two – but for realzzz – they are POWERFUL.  And as with anything that goes in or on the body, it’s always wise to have proper instruction.  And thorough instruction is a smudge too detailed to describe here, especially given all essential oils are unique and many come with different usage instructions.

Our favorite resource for oily reference material is Life Science Publishing.  There you will find a plethora of literature that can guide you as you dig in and discover what essential oils can do for you and your loved ones.   Not sure which book to choose first?  Ask your Enroller or Sponsor for recommendations, they are happy to help! The resources we’ve acquired have been instrumental in helping us grow our understanding of essential oils and how best to use them safely and effectively.

Thank you

It is our joy and privilege to help our oily newbies learn about how essential oils can have a profound impact on health and happiness.  We are so very grateful to have each and every one of you as a valued member of our community.  Thank you for taking the time to invest in your future and open your minds to a healing modality that might have previously felt foreign.

Life is an endless journey of learning and I hope you discover, as we have, that learning something new will open a door to the wellness, purpose and abundance this oily lifestyle provides.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us anytime!

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