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on June 8, 2016

The brain and the heart both rank pretty high in importance in the sense of body function. They are both magnificent organs with very important jobs. When either malfunction, the consequences are quite serious. Oftentimes, completely and totally disrupting one’s way of life and other times, life ending.

Let’s show them some love.

Every minute of every day these two organs are churning along, relentlessly. The heart is the engine of the body and the brain the computer that runs the show. It seems only logical that we should nourish them with the nutrients they require to keep running strong and efficient.


Smart science people rock.

If only I’d paid more attention during science courses in my early years. It’s true that often education is wasted on the young. Many are just too disenchanted with school rules to realize the gift of knowledge they’ve been bestowed.  Sigh.  Thankfully, many decades post cap and gown, as I’ve become enthralled with the world of natural health, science has become my jam. I love learning from these thinkers, studiers, researchers and problem solvers.

I’ve got a crush.

A science crush.  Yes, I’m talking to you Dr. Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS. For those of you who don’t know my Dr. Crush, she is the Director of Global Education and Health Sciences for Young Living Essential Oils. She brings with her a distinguished background in pharmaceutics, which includes an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco.

Additionally, Dr. Elmore chairs Young Living’s Scientific Advisory Committee and Veterinary Advisory Committee. Among her many research interests, she is fascinated with natural products, food as treatment for chronic disease, and integrative therapies. And she’s crazy smart.

One supplement. Happy heart, happy brain!

Okay, back to those ever important hearts and brains.  MindWise™ is a unique supplement that supports normal brain AND heart function. A double whammy!  And Dr. Lindsey Elmore does an incredible job in this video explaining why our bodies are screaming, yearning, yelling at us to hook them up! She breaks down the very cool science in an easy to understand way that will paint a crystal clear picture as to why feeding your brain and heart is so, very (very, very, very) important.  Do your body and yourself a favor and take a few minutes to check this out.

[youtube id=”3MeHaLVQynw”]

And here’s the great news! Young Living will send you a FREE bottle of MindWise this month with a qualifying order of 300pv (along with a bunch of other incredible free oily goodies.) Check out June’s free promotions HERE!

Ready to get started feeding your oh-so-important organs with the oily-goodness they need? Contact the Oily Crunchy Person that sent you, or get started here.

Be happy, be healthy, be free!

XO ~Amie

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