Oily Crunchy People? Yep.  That’s what we call ourselves!  OILY is meant in the context of essential oils, specifically unadulterated, 100% pure therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils. CRUNCHY simply defines people who are making a conscious effort to reduce toxins in their environment. And we define our environment by anything our bodies come in contact with daily via our food, medicine, personal care products, cleaning products, air, water, etc.

Plus, it’s just fun to say.  Our Oily Crunchy People community started with two moms but has quickly blossomed into a large village of support, education and encouragement as our members live happy and healthy lives with the use of essential oils and have become passionate about sharing what they’ve learned with others. People helping people. It’s old school. And we love it.

Everyone has a different path to oily enlightenment. Here’s how we, Amie and Maureen, the founders of OCP, found our oily crunchy way.

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amie-wozniackMeet Amie
Some people were born into a natural, holistic centered family. Others knew someone raised by this type of family and picked up the lifestyle along the way. (Those lucky ducks!) But mostly, I’ve found that people discover the oily crunchy lifestyle when mainstream options leave them with no viable or sensible solutions for healthcare.

We can lump my family into to the last bunch.

Enter Autism. When my perfectly sweet, smoochable little boy began falling behind in his developmental milestones around 15 months, we started to worry. Fast forward to age 2.5, and our precious boy was diagnosed with Autism. Catapulted there, we learned, by an overflowing toxic bucket of environmental factors, irresponsible medical direction and vaccine injury. “Autism” came with a host of underlying medical conditions that left his methylation cycle, and thus his ability to detox, broken. Anything toxic that entered his body got stuck and increased the already mother-sized load of really awful gunk.

Long story shrunk WAY short. We were forced to clean up our lifestyle almost overnight. And Oh-MY-crapness, did we have some cleaning up to do! We dumped our candles, Teflon cookware, perfume, dryer sheets and bleach. Switched out our lotions, shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste for safer options. Obliterated our medicine cabinet. We did our best to reduce our exposure to phthalates, parabens, sulfates, heavy metals and petrochemicals. And of course, our diet got a spiffy organic makeover.

While Autism is no walk in the park, we have learned a lot of mighty cool, insightful, amazingly life changing things along the way. One of those life-altering things seemed so simple at the time I had no idea it would impact my life in such a BIG way. That was the day I learned about Young Living Essential Oils.

Early into our Autism journey I was hearing rumblings about these therapeutic grade essential oils that, according to my new friends, had been been critical in supporting wellness for the entire family. Huh? No. Maybe? Well, my inner hippie was intrigued and of course we were looking for new tools. Another mom (who later turned into one of my dearest friends and Oily Crunchy People co-founder) sat me down and dished the down-low on Young Living. It all made immediate sense. Quite instantly. For centuries, Mother Nature had been the source of everything we needed to keep our bodies healthy! What was now (strangely enough) considered “alternative” had actually been “normal” to billions of people since the dawn of man. Thankful for my new sense of enlightenment, I immediately ordered my starter kit and have been essential oil obsessed since 2010.

Therapeutic-grade Young Living Essential Oils ROCKED MY WORLD (in a really good way) so it wasn’t long before I felt compelled to share what I had found with everyone I knew. After using the oils for 3 years on my family and loved ones, I decided everybody and their second cousin needed to know about this wonderment and began actively building a Young Living business. How amazing that I get to share my passion, help others ooze health and happiness, AND get paid for it! Now who’s the lucky duck?

This girl. That’s who.

I’m not all oils, all the time. Okay, I am but I do other stuff too! My lovely hubby, spunky old-soul of a daughter and sweet-as-pie son, make my world-go-round. I’m passionate about creating awareness and advocating for autism causes, but also clean food, medicine, air, land and water. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, an ancient American Indian proverb I find so poignant, “We did not inherit our land from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.” The quote has served a powerful reminder that the decisions we make today will have long lasting effects on generations to come.

I love the beach, sunshine, fresh air, soaking up nature, yoga, wine and stinky cheese. And I like veggies too. Promise. My goal for the next five years is to have a homestead complete with gardens, orchards, chickens and an aquaponics system.

But mostly to slow down … take it in … breathe … be grateful … and thoroughly enjoy every moment of this wild and crazy life.  Connect with me HERE!


maureen-bordelonMeet Maureen
Yep, you guessed it!  I’m the other mom who sat Amie down and started telling her about Young Living oils a few years back. Of course one of my favorite outcomes of using oils, is that Amie has become one of my dearest friends on this crazy, roller-coaster ride and I get to holler along side her with every loop, plunge and twist of this passionate adventure!

I first have to confess that while I have been using Young Living Essential Oils (YLEOs) for over 12 years, it took me awhile to utilize their full potential. I had my collection growing on my counter top (away from the microwave and outlets), but I used my oils sparingly and infrequently.

It wasn’t until March 2010, after our youngest son almost died in my arms, that I realized I had the natural remedies to help address our youngest son’s biomedical and emotional needs and to PREVENT ailments before they got life-threatening instead of treating them after they would attack.

That was when I went HARD CORE OILY!

Now, I know that may sound very dramatic, and in reality it was. Our son’s physical and emotional traumas had attacked his immune system, and after an endoscope procedure, our GI doc said his esophagus was swollen shut causing him to choke on anything he was eating.

I became a possessed Mama researching everything and anything I could about how YLEOs could help support our son’s compromised, battered immune system.  I needed natural remedies – not remedies that masked the ailments and contained 3-page pamphlets of damaging side effects.

Going hard-core oily, our son was gaining weight, speaking more … and playing more.

Using YLEOs everyday brings a therapeutic modality to life in our blessed household consisting of three amazing kiddos, one side-kick hubby, a cha-whippet rescue mutt, a cat living her 10th life (way past her 9 allotted ones) Divine Guidance and Me – Author, Advocate and self-proclaimed Oily Crunchy Mama.

Second confession: I am an accidental YLEO business chick. I never set out to make a “biz” out of my usage of YLEOs, but the healing pathway of our youngest son put in motion the need for me to share with other Warrior Mamas who were having health issues with their kiddos.  And now I find myself sharing our experiences, recipes and testimonials paired with generous compensation opportunities! What was once two Mamas chatting about oils, has turned into a community of Oily Crunchy People!

Hope.Dream.Believe…TODAY!  Connect with me HERE!